Quilting Wall

Premium Quilting Wall - Twin Size - Basic (Hardware with lead sheet only- no quilting sheet)

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Quilting Made Easy!

The Quilting Wall allows for you to lay out your pattern at a comfortable working height.  The Quilting Sheet is applied with velcro to allow the user to remove the quilting sheet for portability and to allow for multiple Quilting Sheets on each Quilting Wall. 

The twin sized Quilting Wall basic includes all of the items in the full Quilting Wall except the Quilting Sheet. It is a perfect for a second location, or for the quilter who will make their own quilting sheets. 



Finished Width: 76"
Lead Sheet Length: 84"
Chain: 60" chain loop


All Basic Quilting Sheets are pre-assembled and include the following
Roller Bar
Clutch drive with Stainless Steel Chain (no marring)
Mounting hardware
Lead Sheet (24" standard length for Premium) with velcro attachment
Installation instructions

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